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Acadee – a web search engine for academia

Welcome to Acadee, an upcoming web search engine focusing on academic and research-oriented web searches.

This site is intended to give a brief presentation of the project and the different ways in which users can get involved.

Acadee is being designed to become an ideal tool for powerful Internet-wide web searches and for helping people explore the Internet efficiently. It is expected to become particularly useful to academics, researchers, journalists, professionals, and university students.

It will have a conventional, user-friendly interface and promote a transparent and user-focused process where the individual user has strong and effective control over the search process and the types of search results they get.

Its innovative and proprietary components will include a system for advanced linguistic and semantic analysis and a unique advanced ranking system designed specifically to promote search results of high quality (high recall, precision and relevance). For more information on these components, please click here.

The system will be rolled out progressively to the public, starting in approx. January 2017 (estimated), and it will be free. For more information on the development and roll-out plan, please click here.

You are welcome to look around or open an account here, and there will soon be a crowdfunding campaign with several rewards and interesting involvement opportunities for those who wish to help making this project a reality.

August 12, 2015